Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ann Coulter Said What about Single Mothers

I have posted some of Ann Coulter's comments because I want to make sure that I don't misquote her idiotic comments when I respond. Listen first and then read what I have to say.

Ann Coulter hasn’t written New York Times bestselling books. She’s just had a hell of a publicity machine behind her. In fact, my writing this response further enhances her ultimate goal which is to sell books. It’s not lost on the publishing industry that even trash can sell if you have the right marketing and promotions to back you up. Such is the case with Coulter.

Obviously Coulter has done her research when it comes to single mothers, but, I would be hard pressed to believe she has ever spoken to a single mother one on one?

I was a single mother until my oldest son turned 10. Neither of my two sons ended up as strippers. I never utilized the welfare system and I worked hard to make sure that my boys stayed out of trouble. I had a wonderful support system and I trusted in the God that Coulter professes to know. I was not a victim and I did not respond as such. I took responsibility and held myself accountable for my choices; good or bad. To insinuate that because society wants to help single mothers means that we are glorifying not getting married and raising a full family is insane. Most single mothers would tell you they would love to have a warm, loving, responsible, husband and father in theirs and their children’s lives. In fact, many of them like me were married at one time, but due to domestic violence death and other misfortune, these marriages did not work. I guess next you’ll be telling us that’s our fault, too.

Let’s suffice it to say, if you were ever a victim of a crime, you don’t have this single mother to thank: "Victim of a Crime? Thank a Single Mother"

"It is a mark of how attractive it is to be a phony victim that divorcées will often claim to belong to the more disreputable category of "single mothers." [Page 36]

The audacity of Coulter to call single mothers disreputable! The dictionary defines disreputable as disgracing the reputation, lacking respectability in character. To the contrary, I brought honor to the reputation of motherhood. I was an integral part of my children’s academic career, I saw too it each of them were prepared for and attended college, I was PTA Vice president, Team Mom, and whatever else was necessary to make sure they became productive citizens in this society.

Coulter writes: "Single motherhood is like a farm team for future criminals and social outcasts." [Page 38]

Neither of my children are criminals or social outcasts. In fact, my oldest son graduated high school when he was 16 and is now teaching in the local school district.

My children are not alone, here is a list of other children who grew up in a single parent household.

Alexander Hamilton - President Gen. George Washington - President Thomas Jefferson - President James Monroe - President Andrew Jackson - President Andrew Johnson - President Rutherford B. Hayes - President Herbert Hoover - President Grover Cleveland - President Gerald Ford - President William Jefferson Clinton - President Barack Obama - U.S. Supreme Court Justice James Wilson - U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Rutledge - John Hancock - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Johnson Field - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas Todd - U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Davis - U.S. Supreme Court Justice John McKinley - U.S. Supreme Court Ch. Justice (and U.S. Treasury Secretary) Salmon P. Chase - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Melville Fuller - U.S. Supreme Court Ch. Justice Edward D. White - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo - U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas - U.S. Supreme Court Justice James F. Byrnes - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Arthur J. Goldberg - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas - Frederick Douglas - Gen. Robert E. Lee - Booker T. Washington - Benjamin Rush - Stephen Colbert - George Mason - Fr. Gen. Marquis de Lafayette - U.S. Senator Henry Clay - William Tecumseh Sherman - Meriwether Lewis - Eleanor Roosevelt - Jackie Robinson - Mark Twain - George Washington Carver - Nathanial Hawthorne - Eli Whitney Jr. - U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hamilton Hoyer - Michael Phelps - Linus Carl Pauling - Aristotle - Nicolas Copernicus - Sir Isaac Newton - Mahatma Gandhi - Leonardo da Vinci - Confucius - Jesus of Nazareth - Queen Elizabeth I - Jean-Jacques Rousseau - William Blackstone - Annie Mansfield Sullivan - Alexander Fleming - Nelson Mandela - Catherine the Great of Russia - Robert Frost - Langston Hughes - Alexandre Dumas - Gen. Alexander Haig - Alabama Governor Bibb Graves - New York Governor Al Smith - Tennessee Governor Sam Houston - Indiana Supreme Court Justice William Allen Woods - U.S. Senator Al Sharpton - U.S. Senator Senator Robert C. "Bob" Smith - U.S. Senator John Ensign - U.S. Senator Bella Abzug - U.S. Senator William Warren "Bill" Bradley - U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan - Queen Victoria of Britain - Alan Greenspan - Plato - Alessandro Volta - Jim Clark - Ada Lovelace - Jane Austen - George Eastman - Rosa Parks - Roy Wilson Howard - Washington State Senator Paull Shin - Johann Sebastian Bach - Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz - Lance Armstrong - John Lennon - Hans Christian Andersen - Edward Jenner - Giacomo Puccini - Joseph John ("J.J.") Thomson - Bertrand Russell - Hermann Rorschach - Herman Melville - John Keats - Marian Anderson - Garry Kasparov - Sylvia Plath - Leo Tolstoy - Peyton Rous - Benjamin Carson - Raphael - David Hume - Hannah Arendt - Ralph Waldo Emerson - Stephen Crane - Friedrich Nietzsche - Agatha Christie - William Wordsworth - Max Weber - Cleopatra - Jesse Jackson - Audie Murphy - Gustav Theodor Fechner - Edgar Allen Poe - Emile Zola - William Smith - Gerald Bull - Willa Cather - Ritchie Valens - Daniel Dennett - Cass Gilbert - Mary Leakey - Joseph Stalin - Charlie Chaplin - Nelly Bly - Henry Morton Stanley - Max Born - Sarah Breedlove - Frederick Froebel - Steve Allen - Louis Armstrong - Warren Hastings - Allan Pinkerton - Billie Holiday - Hank Williams - Malcolm X - Carol Burnett - Thomas Green Clemson - John Irving - J.R.R. Tolkien - Charles Bronson - Tom Blake - Paulette Goddard - Gene Hackman - Robert Hooke - James Byron Dean - Halle Berry - Benjamin Bratt - Eddie Murphy - Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg - Deborah Sampson - Ralph Ellison - California Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird - Eric Clapton - Eamon de Valera - William Reddington Hewlett - J. Marvin Herndon - Mother Angelica - Karl Rove - Julius Caesar - Muhammed - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick - F. Whitten Peters - Henry Talbot - Arthur C. Clarke - Jim Rogan - Frederick W. Alt - Emil J. Freireich - Willie Nelson - Charlotte Perkins Gilman - Victor - Herbert - Bessie Coleman - Dorothy Andersen - Chiang Kai-shek - Videl Sassoon - Coco Chanel - Anderson Hayes Cooper - James Brown - Kenneth Grahame - Hunter "Patch" Adams - Jack Nicholson - Roald Dahl - William Lloyd Garrison - Douglas Fairbanks - David Harker - Robert Fulton - Irving Berlin - Jonathan Swift - Peggy Drexler - Art Buchwald - Carolyn Jones - Doris Roberts - Loretta Young - Marilyn Monroe - Barbara Stanwick - Steve McQueen - Cher - Pierce Brosnan - Wayne Dyer - Francis Alice Kellor - Sophia Loren - Stephen King - Sir Charles Bell - Whoopi Goldberg - Richard Wright - Percy Spencer - Ward Connerly - Fatty Arbuckle - Katherine Burr Blodgett - Dorothea Lange - Frances Kellor - Gloria Steinem - Gloria Gaynor - Jon Stewart - Bette Davis - Audrey Hepburn - Tom Cruise - Bill Cosby - Barry White - Susanna Harding - Jodie Foster - Patsy Cline - Ed Bradley - Tom Monaghan - Rickey Henderson....

Ann, if you’re not going to be part of the solution then that makes you part of the problem. All you do is spew vile outrageous comments that create divisions among people rather than bringing them closer together.

You actually said in one of your interviews that the left had a plan for illegitimacy. Give me a break, who plans for illegitimacy? How crazy does that sound? Its comments like this one that reduce your credibility and take away from some of the truths that may lie dormant in your tirades.

For instance, I agree that mothers need to take responsibility and not live off welfare forever. I also believe that single motherhood should not be glamorized because it’s a tough job and anyone who believes otherwise in terribly mistaken. However, in many instances it’s not single motherhood alone that is directly at issue. It is more so certain family characteristics and lifestyle advantages (such as educational opportunities, financial opportunities, stability, attention, and so forth) or the lack thereof that are attributable to the less than acceptable outcomes that we see.

So Ann, don’t lump everyone in the same basket. Unless you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, it would be wise not to judge to harshly. Judge not that ye not be judged. Matthew 7:1. You know where you’ve been, you don’t know where you’re going.