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Mama's Fake ID Teaching Point Three: Valuing moms for their unique selves is a means

“Mama’s Got a Fake I.D.”

Any mom who’s felt subject to stereotypes and assumptions, the loneliness of not fitting in, or the hurt of not living up to those stereotypes, knows how wonderful it feels to ultimately become known—and valued. In fact, getting to know another mom as a complete, gifted, specially made child of God, and then loving her because of—and in spite of—who she is, can be a way of showing grace to that woman.

This is what God does with us (Psalm 139), and something we see Jesus do time and again in the Gospels. Read John 4:1–26 and Luke 19:1–10. Consider how Jesus’ talking to, getting to know, and extending truth and grace to the Samaritan woman and Zacchaeus transformed their lives. If we are truly following in the way of Jesus, we should follow this example with one another. This act of being known—for good or for bad—and loved is a picture of the transforming love of Jesus. Since moms want this in their own lives, it’s a wonderful, affirming way to live out the “Golden Rule.”

Discussion Questions

[Q] Think about some ways you feel you’ve been labeled with a “fake I.D.” What are some ways the church could take the lead in getting to know women beyond any one role?

[Q] How has it felt when someone asks about you as a woman—not you as a mom? What’s
the difference between the two?

[Q] What does it tell you about the heart of Jesus that he took time to chat with the
Samaritan woman and Zacchaeus—two people who didn’t fit it?

[Q] What do Jesus’ actions of reaching out to these “misfits” tell you about how we should handle women in our congregation who might not fit traditional molds? Who are some moms Jesus might be calling you to reach out to right now?

[Q] What are some questions you wish others would ask you about yourself? How willing
are you to ask the same of other women?

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