Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mon's Fake I.D. Teaching Point One: God sees you as having more than one role.

Part 2 Discover the Eternal Principles

Read Psalm 139.

When David wrote these words, he was rejoicing in a God who saw him as more than any of his roles—more than a shepherd, more than a giant-slayer, more than a poet, a king, or a man on the run. He wrote beautifully of a God who knew him intimately—and who took the time to “search” and “know” him (v. 1). Certainly, this is no different for moms today. God values all of who he made you to be, and has specific purposes for the way he made you.

In chapter 4, Rivadeneira writes, “Think about the people you know that intimately: your spouse, your kids, maybe your closest friend, your parents. We know that much detail only about the people we love deeply—and are interested in the most. It’s the same with God. He knows us like that not only because he loves us but because he is vitally, untiringly interested in us. God finds you—as his creation, as his child—interesting and worth knowing. Why shouldn’t everyone else?” (p. 56).

Discussion Questions

[Q] Think of a time when you felt reduced to just one role. Did you feel that this was as God wanted it to be? Why or why not?

[Q] What does it mean to you that God takes time to search and know you? What does that say about why you may want others to do the same?

[Q] How do you feel knowing that God finds you interesting? Is that easy for you to
believe? Why or why not?

[Q] Psalm 139:16 says, “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” In what ways—if any—have you been made to feel that motherhood is the conclusion of God’s “book” for you?

[Q] What does your heart as a mother—and the way you care about your kids’ individual
identities and your desire to see them use their gifts—tell you about how God feels about you as a gifted, beloved child of God?

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